We support proven humanitarian heroes who care for children born into war, illness or abject poverty.

Global Roots is an IRS-approved children’s charity that sources school lunch programs with locally grown vegetable gardens and hen houses in global hot spots where most parents will send their children to school only if they can get a meal there.

Intense oversight and transparency requirements have led to success in parts of the world where food aid and assistance is usually swallowed up by corrupt government officials and cash-starved aid workers.

Besides feeding children, Global Roots’ gardens provide tranquil atmospheres for children to play, learn and grow.

A new program in the USA — The Greenhouse Social —uses school-based greenhouses and raised-bed gardens to tackle the greatest problems faced by American children: bullying/social exclusion at school, abandonment/isolation at home and the over-reliance on fast food for nutrition.

The first Greenhouse Social was launched recently at James John Elementary in Portland, Oregon.

Please call us at +1 503 866 9525 to see how YOU can get involved in the Global Roots food movement. We have proven that our way — the enabling of local communities with vibrant school lunch programs — is the best way to bring aid to children who are suffering malnourishment and emotional neglect.

Our children need clothing, toys, personal computers (etc) and we do accept in-kind donations. Recently, Boeing Inc donated two tons of cargo space in a brand new jet bound for a client in Africa. We filled it with fancy, gently used uniforms that were donated from a wealthy prep school in Medina WA — the very school where Bill Gates sent his children to elementary school.

A donation by check or credit card, however, gives us the leverage we need to make fast change. Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation by credit card

Donor Due Diligence:

 Global Roots has achieved the highest rating possible (five stars) at Guidestar — the global watchdog of grassroots charity. We are an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charity in the USA.

Our 2015 990 and other financial documents are available on our Financial Data Page.

88% of all donations in 2015 were spent on projects — not central administration.

Here are links to all of our active programs:

End Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya – our branding strategy “Mutilation Free Manyatta” will help young Maasai rise up against FGM.

Protect Orphaned Children in Afghanistan­our long-running project in the war-torn province of Badahkshan protects over 20 orphaned children from the threat of abduction and forced conscription. A new program in nearby Faizabad provides sustenance to a woman’s community center that cares for more than 150 street children.

The Matulani Children’s Garden – is our flagship food security project in East Africa. We built our first greenhouse six years ago in the Kenyan town of Mtito Andei and have since added a hen house and rabbit farm.

Help our local partner in Tibet rescue more blind children from domestic isolation. All sightless children have the right to live freely and learn to read!

Help micro finance floating vegetable gardens in Cambodia — our floating nutritional gardens help Cambodian fishing families offer more balanced diets to their children on Tonle Sap Lake.

 The Greenhouse Social – combat bullying and social exclusion in the USA — end an over reliance on fast food and get families cooking together at night!

This organizational Flow Chart shows how we fight corruption both in the field and at home so that we can devote a high percentage of every dollar donated to projects in the field — not advertising, fundraising or other central admin expenses. All funds spent on projects in the field are monitored by a four-tiered oversight team.

Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation by credit card


Watch this video for an update on how we are fighting Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya

We are currently working with our Maasai partners to certify villages as “Mutilation Free Manyattas” and we are preparing ten of the 72 girls we protect to travel… Read More

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Global Roots helps locals support children in places where social services don’t exist

Without food, children can’t begin to love…and without emotional support, children — even the well fed ones — can turn into monsters.
Global Roots brings support to local humanitarians who are already helping children — usually by erecting a… Read More

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Look who’s talking about Global Roots


Bill Yosses — Executive Pastry Chef, the White House, writer and food philanthropist.
Bill has met with us on several occasions to discuss ways to share the “science of nutrition” with children
The the pleased packed generic online pharmacy idea:… Read More

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