Global Roots: Growing Child Security…One Village at a Time

global roots

War. Corruption. Disease. Oppression.

Sometimes the list of problems can make a solution seem impossible. But it isn’t. Protecting children can start with a beautifully simple ingredient: food. As one of humanity’s most basic needs, food security can be the tool with which children in any situation can take back their future.

Global Roots, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, provides that tool.

By partnering with local communities who can provide on the ground engagement and by utilizing sustainable solutions, such as our flagship “Children’s Gardens” program, Global Roots is reaching children in need from the poorest villages in Kenya to the remote valleys of the Himalayas and even right here in our own American schoolyards.

Global Roots believes that food can save children. The creation of a greenhouse at a school not only feeds those children the vital nutrients they need to survive, but also has been statistically proven to increase school attendance and scores. The placement of a greenhouse in a remote Afghani village not only feeds the children in our program, but enables local families, who would otherwise not have the resources, to take in orphaned children and provide them a home. The creation of a school greenhouse in urban American schools not only feeds the children who participate in our extra-curricular programs, it teaches them about healthy living and creates a safe haven from bullying.

Food is so much more than just food. It is education. Shelter. Emotional well-being. Life.

Global Roots is making a difference. And we need you to help.