Global Roots: growing food security for children one village at a time

Food is so much more than just sustenance. It is also brings education, emotional well-being and a shot at a meaningful life.

Global Roots helps schools around the world provide healthy, locally sourced meals to otherwise malnourished students. Since our founding in 2007 we have established food security programs for children in global hot spots where social strife and corruption have broken communities apart.

We can feed 250 children for a year for only USD $10K. The running costs of our Children’s Gardens decrease until each lunch program is self-sustaining after 10 years.

The success of our programs in Kenya, Afghanistan and Cambodia have inspired neighboring communities to request their own locally sourced and managed school lunch programs.

Please consider joining us or donating $10 a month to make food security for children your legacy.

If you’re tight on cash, give us a call to find out how you can join us: 503 866 9525


In the words of Michael Bloomberg, “In God We Trust, everyone else bring data.”

We are proud to release the following report that provides quantifiable evidence of what our Children’s Gardens can do for a struggling school and a splintered community.

We have collected data on this project for six years. The bottom line is that absenteeism dropped from 23% to 1% and the school rose from the worst public school in the region to the very best.

The three schools that scored higher were all private schools with high tuition costs and much higher operating budgets.

A key stat to look at is the average test scores at the school. Once the children could eat, they could think!

Matulani 6 Year Stats Sheet1