Floating Nutritional gardens – phase 2

While phase one is well under way and Moat Khlar’s school recently planted garden continues to grow, (TLC – www.lakeclinic.org),  KIDS (www.kidsdevelopmentsociety.org) and GlobalRoots teams decided to help Sok’s family build a small vegetable floating garden to help improve nutrition from freshly grown morning glory and better sustain their livelihood with supplemental income from sale of vegetables, allowing Sok and her older brother to go to school.


Sok's garden DSC02426


Sok  takes care of her four siblings while mom and dad go fishing at dawn to return in the afternoon. They are home alone, floating on a tiny bamboo shack surrounded by water hyacinths and a few neighbors in their village on the Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia.


P1060569 DSC02434

From time to time, she gazes at the nearby school where children laughter can be heard, or scans the lake awaiting her parents return.  Sok, 12 years old, dreams to go to school to learn and make friends.

P1070104 P1070162

Sok’s condition is not uncommon, in a region of extremely hard living conditions compounded by poverty and even sometimes alcoholism, in the settings of the original beauty of the Tonle sap lake. Thankfully the area is rich in fish, bringing proteins and a small source of income for them to buy rice and other necessities. However, each season brings smaller and fewer fish, cost of living increases, leaving few choices for poorly educated fisherman to survive: they just have to fish more.

But now, they can also farm!



Stay tuned for the harvest!

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