About Us

Not Just Another “Charity” Non-Profit…

These days there are ample non-profits or “charities” springing up in the hopes of fixing the world’s problems.  And we think that is great!  The more we all help each other, the better!

But what makes Global Roots stand out?

True Grassroots

Many large scale aid organizations are doing great things in places that truly need it!  However, in some of the places which need help the most, that large size creates obstacles.

Global Roots is a truly grassroots non-profit.  Our small size gives us a nimbleness that other organizations can’t afford.  And the trust our loyal funders have placed in Global Roots gives us the flexibility to make real time adjustments as the situation dictates.  While larger scale aid groups get slowed down in bureaucracy, Global Roots is able to get straight to the problems at hand and make a difference.

Zero Tolerance on Corruption

We all know how hard we work for each dollar we earn.  So naturally, we want those dollars to go exactly where they can make the most difference.  While no surefire statistics exist, it is generally agreed that between 10-25% of non-profit funding is an acceptable amount of loss toward corruption.

Not for us.

At Global Roots, we maintain a zero tolerance policy toward corruption.  Even while working in areas where corruption is more the norm than the exception, Global Roots has spent years fine tuning an approach which eliminates corruption.  And when we find corruption, we cut it loose.

Personal Partnerships 

We believe that communities only benefit from solutions which come from within.  This is one of our core principles at Global Roots.  For that reason, our partnerships are paramount.  Global Roots provides the support, but proven local organizations provide the drive and the direction.  We carefully and personally vet all of our local partners.  We seek out individuals and organizations who know their community and its problems intimately.  Each partner is met personally by a member of the Global Roots core team in order to build a strong relationship before we build a strong project.

And when we find that solid local partnership, we make sure they get all of the credit.  We don’t need the ego.  We need the results.