How We Do It

How We Do It

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Global Roots commits to helping children in situations of trauma and turmoil to get their needs met.  Those needs include:

  • Food
  • Shelter and Safety
  • Water
  • Education
  • Medical Care
  • Emotional Well-Being

In our journey to provide aid, we have discovered that one key ingredient can lead to successfully getting each of these needs met: food security.  For each situation in which healthy food could be consistenty and sustainably provided, we found that local solutions to the remaining problems often followed closely behind.

In order to promote child welfare in each category, Global Roots utilizes food security as the foundation.

But how do we achieve food security in situations where life is anything but secure?


The first step is solid partnership.  Global Roots recognizes that ongoing outside involvement is not only unsustainable, but generally undesirable.  No one understands a problem better than the community in which it lives.  For that reason, Global Roots commits to partnering with proven local organizations who have a solid record in dealing with the issues at hand.  These organizations are lead entirely by local individuals who demonstrate a long term commitment to and understanding of the causes and factors involved and who are able to positively contribute to the solution.  They provide the momentum, we provide the support.


Next, we require 100% transparency.  We value the trust that our donors place in us when they contribute to making a difference. And we honor that trust by making sure that your donations go right where you want them to go: to the benefit of the children.  We work hard to ensure that every step of our work is ethical and transparent.  We fully vet all partners and they maintain a commitment to transparency throughout the partnership.  Want to verify this for yourself?  Our financials are always available!

Making a Difference 

With solid and transparent partnerships in place, we are ready to deliver.  Each situation requires its own unique solution, but consistently food plays a role.  For that reason, Global Roots developed our signature Children’s Gardens program.  A Children’s Garden is a food security program which includes around a community garden or greenhouse.  We deliver the materials, help with construction and training, and the community takes it from there!

But what happens next is what really matters!  In Kenya, schools use our gardens to encourage attendance.  In Afghanistan, communities use our gardens to help children find families.  Our gardens provide an emotional safe haven in urban American schools.  And in Cambodia, our gardens improve health.

The best part? They are sustainable!  One garden brings vast results!

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