Our Afghanistan Programs

Growing Stability for Children, One Family at a Time

As the wars faded and the attention disappeared, hundreds of thousands of displaced Afghani children were left behind, orphaned and homeless, to fend for themselves. These children would wander from village to village, hoping to have their basic needs met: food and maybe shelter. Stability was an unattainable dream.  Education was unlikely.  And with too many mouths to feed already, few foster families are willing to stretch limited resources further on children who aren’t their own.

But Global Roots has changed that.

Using our foundational Children’s Garden Program as a launchpad, Global Roots is bringing stability to Afghanistan’s displaced youth.  Our inaugural Children’s Garden Afghanistan project was implemented in Badakhshan to great success!  Currently, 20 children are benefitting from balanced, nutritious meals. What’s more, the guarantee of those meals has enabled local families to open their homes to our program’s children! That is 20 fewer children with no home and 20 more children who have access to stability and education!

But we didn’t stop there.

After the success of our project in Badakhshan, Global Roots is now set to expand.  Our newest project, in the important city of Faizabad, will grow our reach to 150 additional displaced children!  Work is already underway to make this expansion happen in 2017.

Executive Director, Rick Montgomery, will travel to Afghanistan in Spring 2017 to help facilitate our Faizabad expansion and to personally search for a missing Afghani child. Follow along with Rick’s progress by checking back here and by connecting with our social media (see right side column)!

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Program History

Global Roots founder, Rick Montgomery, traveled to Afghanistan for the first time in 2010 with the support of his high school classmate, USAF Lt. Colonel John O. Holm.  While waiting for helicopters to be assigned to his humanitarian mission, Montgomery was exposed by an orphanage director to some of the pervasive issues within the local orphanage administration.  Moved to find better solutions for the multitude of displaced children in Afghanistan, Montgomery immediately dove into the system, providing badly needed supplies and coordinating with other active NGOs to explore solutions.  One such collaboration lead to Global Roots’ most valuable resource in Afghanistan: our country director Janagha.

With the help of Janagha, Global Roots was able to launch a signature Children’s Garden in the village of Baharak not long after.  Children, displaced or orphaned by years of instability, often wander from village to village in this reason.  With no stable structures governing their young lives, these children all too often end up recruited into militant madrassas or other dangerous situations.  Our Baharak Children’s Garden, which included a chicken egg farm, proved to be an invaluable tool in placing these children with stable families.  These families, who otherwise did not have the means to provide for additional mouths, were able to open up their homes with the

certainty that they could keep everyone fed.

This program was expanded not long after, with the addition of an orchard hosting 300 fruit trees.  Not only do these trees advance the program of food security for Baharak’s displaced children, but the revenue from the sale of excess produce will make this program sustainable and self-sufficient!

Following the undeniable success of this initial program, Global Roots has continued to expand this model with Afghanistan.  We are currently in the process of replicating this success with a greenhouse and affiliated programs in Faizabad.

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