Our Matulani Children’s Garden in Kenya saves the life of lost child


Muuo ran away from home to the small town of Emali (a small town along the Nairobi/Mombasa highway) where he hoped he find some small jobs. He decided to hide himself in a Mombasa-bound container without the truck driver’s consent. Unknowingly, the lorry driver decided to rest for a few hours in  Mtito Andei, the site of our Children’s Garden at Matulani Elementary School.

The young boy had to alight from the lorry in middle of the night and, fortunately, he was noticed by a night watchmen who questioned him. Muuo explained that he was desperate, hungry and he nowhere to go.

The following morning, he was taken to a local rescue center. He couldn’t be taken to school since he didn’t have a sponsor yet. He decided, however, to walk all by himself to Matulani Elementary School after he heard from his roommates about the school’s successful lunch program. He received a school uniform from good samaritans, he is eating a daily lunch and Global Roots is now payig his school fees!

Ritchie Mutua of Global Roots met Muuo the first time at Matulani and he tried to interview him with the Global Roots iPad but Muuo wept too much. On a second occasion, with the confidence afforded by a full belly and new clothes, Muuo told us his story.

Muuo is from Kati Komu — a village far from Mtito. He was raised by his grandparents after his dying mother left home seven years ago, leaving him alone. His grandparents, however, have fallen on hard times and they, too, are unable to care for him. Muuo’s human survival instincts kicked in when he knew deep down he would starve to death if he stayed at home.

Now all he wants is to find a way to care for his grand parents.

Muuo is a beautiful boy and he is the reason we do what we do. That our garden saved his life is a testament to grassroots aid work!


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