Solutions at Home: The Greenhouse Laboratories

Global Roots aims to aid children everywhere. And we mean everywhere! That includes our own backyard.

Our Kids Need Support Too!

Too often when we think of global children’s aid, we automatically start to think about the disadvantaged children in developing countries. And those children absolutely need our help! But so do our own. American children have a great many advantages. Yet they also face more obstacles than ever before. Our school systems are struggling to find the right stride. Students must take a Greenhouse Laboratories: Solutions at Home! seemingly endless strings of standardized exams. Approaches to curriculum vary on a regular basis. Child obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s. And more than a third of our children have been bullied!

Home Grown Solutions

So Global Roots has brought our signature Children’s Garden solution home. At James John Elementary School in Portland, Oregan, Global Roots has initiated a program to benefit our local children. As part of this program, we have constructed a greenhouse garden. Elementary students participate in maintaining the garden and harvesting the produce.

Our Greenhouse Laboratories program doesn’t stop when they leave the greenhouse. As part of this project, students will have the  Greenhouse Laboratories: Solutions at Home! opportunity at least twice a week to participate in lunchtime programs. During these programs, students will interact with each other and with mentoring adults to explore the produce grown in our gardens. Students will learn the science and nutrition of these products, as well as how they might be incorporated into a healthy life. Further, as these programs are supervised by trained social workers, they aim to reduce opportunities for bullying and encourage healthier child interactions. Our gardens are always a place of emotional peace!


Greenhouse Laboratories: Planting the Seeds for Social Change

Greenhouse Laboratories is an elective program available to any student in the school. Interested students engage in an “Entry
Interview” with our program social worker, Ethan Moses and the school counselor, Andrea Sobel Nahurski. Through this interview our program we hope to identify students who have additional social needs, either as a bully or as a bullied student. Our goal is to see a 50% reduction in incidents of bullying over the academic year!

Greenhouse Laboratories: Solutions at Home!