Who We Are

Who We Are

We are our volunteers.  We are people from all walks of life, across all orientations, faiths and politics, from teenagers to retirees, who share the simple conviction that children deserve a happy future.  People who want to make a difference at a grassroots level.  Who are committed to forging partnerships and beating corruption.  

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Sarah Tarvin-Global Roots Program Development Consultant

Sarah joined Global Roots in 2011 as a volunteer while still in graduate school.  She had been searching for a way to make a global impact to aid vulnerable children when she stumbled upon a Tweet praising the work of Global Roots.  A little investigation and a phone call later, she was brought onto the team as the volunteer Global Outreach Manager and was thrilled to immediately dive into concrete projects with undeniable results in social change for children.  She joined Global Roots founder, Rick Montgomery, and a team of volunteers on a project trip to Kenya in 2012.  Following graduation, Sarah began life as an expat, teaching English in countries around the world and building skills in international development.  She returned to Global Roots in early 2017 and is thrilled to be back with an organization turning grassroots project ideas into reality.

Caroline Stoebuck-Secretary/Treasurer

Caroline Stoebuck is Global Roots’ secretary/treasurer. She comes from a background in accounting and tax, with an emphasis in the nonprofit world. The executive director met her over a decade ago in China on one of her many travel adventurers throughout the world. As he told her about his dream of saving children, she knew she had found a kindred soul, and joined in the journey. In the years since then she has volunteered in various ways, and now is serving as an officer. She believes that children are our future and since they are unable to chosen into what circumstances they are born into, those that are less fortunate should not be any less likely to achieve their dreams, and therefore those with the means should help.

Rick Montgomery-Global Roots Executive Director

Our founder’s life was changed when he held a starving baby at a makeshift Goan refugee camp in 1992. Rick immediately left a well paying job in Hong Kong to wander the world as an expedition leader and journalist. He would eventually meet a Tibetan woman named Tendol Gyalzur who had adopted more than 250 children on the Tibetan Plateau. Rick started to support Tendol and other local humanitarians like her until a legendary Oregon humanitarian named John Gray funded his dream — a grassroots charity that helps proven humanitarians feed children in global hot spots where social services have broken down or don’t exist at all.


Country Directors:

Anthony Kikondu-Country Director, Kenya 

An accomplished photographer, Anthony has shot photos all over the world — but mostly in his native Kenya. Anthony joined Global Roots in 2012 and has since led supply and oversight trips all over Kenya. His main role, however, is to make sure that every dollar we wire to our partners is spent on target. Thank you Anthony!

Kyila-Program Director, Tibet

Kyila is a blind Tibetan woman who has singlehandedly changed the way Tibetans regard sightless children. Sneaking out of her home as a child, Kyila showed that she can do whatever a sighted child can do — just in a different way. She learned braille as a teenager and was the first blind Tibetan to attempt a climb up Everest and to study abroad. We learned about Kyila’s dream to create a kindergarten for sightless Tibetan children and we funded her from the very beginning with a 45K cash grant.

Janagha Jaheed-Country Director, Afghanistan

Janagha Jaheed has been making dreams come true for Afghan children for more than 20 years. Credited with building more than 20 schools, “JJ” is one of the top humanitarians active in war-torn Afghanistan. We love working with JJ because he understands the importance of transparency and oversight. This year we  are working closely with JJ to create a project in Faizabad that will support more than 150 street children.

Japheth Kyangu- SE Kenya Program Coordinator

Japheth Kyangu is a schoolmaster who manages our flagship school lunch program in SE Kenya — the Matulani Children’s Garden. Japheth made the hard decision to work in one of Kenya’s poorest towns instead of managing a wealthy, private school. We knew we were dealing with someone special when Japheth agreed to follow our rigid funding guidelines and provide monthly transparency reports. The success of our greenhouse, kale garden and hen house prompted other charities to jump in. Japheth’s Matulani Elementary —previously one if the region’s poorest performers — is now one of the best.

Board of Directors:

Rick Montgomery — Global Roots founder, journalist, expedition leader

Jim Gearhart — retired US foreign service now serving on the B of D at Quorum – an medical IRB

Sheila Capestany — Director, Best Start for Kids, King County, WA

Mark Buchanan — business executive, Sysco Systems

Joining the board in Q3, 2017:

John Holm — Col US Air Force retired, now Life Flight pilot

Kelly Hibler — VP, Nike Inc.